Put simply: We are for limited government that works. At TexasGOPVote, we will work as a watchdog to help our state lawmakers and our congressional delegation pull in the reins on unnecessary spending and government bureaucracy. You better believe we’ll expose politicians who seek to act outside the bounds set by the Forefathers in the Constitutions of Texas and the United States.
The House and Senate have been struggling to reach a deal on a proposed law aimed at blocking cities from going too far in stopping homeowners from cutting down trees on their own property. Abbott has made tree cutting...
How many illegal aliens vote is a question that has yet to be answered, but Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity headed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is attempting to find an answer.
We are now almost eight months into the Trump administration. There are 564 key positions that are political appointees, of these, 370 have no nominees, 7 are awaiting nominations and 139 formally nominated but most not...
Welcome to the Second Edition of this Special Session's Capitol Report.
"No industry will remain untouched by the unnecessary harm that discriminatory laws will do to our competitiveness, to our ability to attract talent, and to our employees and their families," the CEOs wrote.
One of our nation’s greatest strengths is the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. Throughout our history, Americans from all walks of life have always strived to turn their ideas and dreams into thriving businesses, making...
After months of talking with those who live and work along the Texas border and my colleagues in Congress, this past week I introduced border security legislation called the Building America’s Trust Act.
The Texas Medical Association (TMA), representing more than 50,000 physicians and medical students, today launched the “Texas Health Care Doomsday Calendar Countdown” awareness campaign to let the public know about the dire...
It is called by many names: Constitutional Convention, Con-Con, Convention of States, Article V Convention.But just because we can have one, doesn’t mean we should have one. In fact, the opposite is true.
My long-time Eagle Forum friend, Orlean Koehle, wrote this enlightening article about the Leftists and Leftist organizations that are pushing for a Convention of the States.
 The biggest problem is the Texas proposal is completely unnecessary. Why, you may ask? Because what Kolkhorst’s bill claims to prevent is already illegal.
Every summer I have the great pleasure of welcoming some of Texas’ most promising young leaders to Washington, D.C for my Pete Sessions Leadership and Growth Program. This summer I was pleased to have 205 students from 47...
"A lot of people felt that the bill itself, on its face, is not necessary," he said. "It's a solution looking for a problem."
Supporters of the RAISE Act are counting on the media, voters, and policy makers to focus on talking points supporting the bill rather than its actual substance.  Those supporters want the debate over this bill to be “...
There is nothing “clean” about renewables. There is the heavy-metal pollution created by the production process for wind turbines. 
On Sept. 1, new laws go into effect in Texas, ranging from a texting-while-driving ban to the open carry of swords.
With time running short in a special session of the Texas Legislature, a couple of bills aimed at expediting construction permits in cities seem to be languishing along with other controversial proposals.
With pro-life Republican Governor Abbott at the helm, and pro-life Republicans Joe Straus and Dan Patrick leading in the House and Senate, Texas continues to set the standard for protecting the unborn.
Due to the jungle primary and the elimination of party primaries, California has seen a drop in party registration and LA Times Daniel Woods reported, “Although some headlines across the state give the impression that both...
Between April and June, 2017, Americas Majority Foundation conducted polls in Wisconsin, Missouri and Montana, states that Trump carried.



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