It is no accident that Texas consistently leads the nation in job creation. Some have described this economic powerhouse as a "Texas Miracle." But, we know better than that. The Texas Economic Experience is rooted in concepts and principles that will work anywhere they're tried: Keeping taxes low, creating a predictable regulatory climate, cracking down on lawsuit abuse, and investing in critical infrastructure like roads, water and schools in a fiscally responsible way.
The following was sent in from the Republican Party of Texas:
Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow had an excellent article on placing greater emphasis on career and technical education instead of pushing every student to attend a four-year university.
As Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, I deal on a weekly and monthly basis with state and national unemployment figures.
The Rise of Latino Conservatism was a session at the Conservative Political Action Conference sponsored by the American Principles Project and featured speakers Alfonso Aguilar, Grover Norquist, Karyme Lozano, and Mario...
Read the full text of the State of the Union Address on January 27, 2010:



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